The Dishwasher: Foe or Friend

The Dishwasher: Foe or Friend

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It's been one of those days, as I get home, I pull out several ingredients to make a delicious dinner. Being single means that, oftentimes, I make bigger meals than needed in my kitchen and I'm left with a complete mess. I work two jobs, and when I'm finally home, cleaning is not the most exciting part of my agenda. In fact, I resent it. One thing I loathe most is cleaning the kitchen. After I have eaten my meal, I just want to sit and relax. Yet, the clean freak within me will not allow it. 

My kitchen routine at the end of the night includes boxing up the leftovers, loading the dishes in the dishwasher, scrubbing the pots and pans, wiping down the counter tops, oven, and sink, and finally sweeping the floor. My mom was a major clean freak, so these things I grew up doing and now I do them in my own home. I actually like to do the dishes, its therapeutic to me, but if I am going to be honest, there is just to much to do on my to do list for me to take the time to wash every dish by hand. So then my battle begins, either I can't fit my dishes in my dishwasher or when the dishwasher has done its duty, I'm left with dishes that are not completely clean. This frustrates me beyond belief. 

I have found a secret. Are you ready for it? Your clean dishes are contingent upon how you load the dishwasher. I'm sure you were so surprised by that answer!! Yet, this can change your kitchen clean up time by a long shot. Click here to see the most precise and best ways to load your dishwasher. 

Keep in mind that with loading your dishwasher, it's always good to rinse your dishes beforehand to keep things sanitized. This will change your life and I know your clean up at the end of the night will be so much less of a hassle. You will have more time to sit down with a cozy blanket and drink some hot tea, relaxing in your clean and tidy house.

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