The Age of Technology and Professionalism

The Age of Technology and Professionalism

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We are in that era, the era were common and daily communications occur with the latest technology and devices. It's an exciting place to be, and yet, if we are not careful, certain business practices can be become unprofessional with one simple miscommunication. For example, building conversations through text messages. Although this can be very convenient for both parties, it can also be extremely impersonal and misleading.

Many real estate agents have seen this trend in the Real Estate world. Even if you are not an agent, maybe you are a potential buyer, tenant, or client, at some point in time, you will encounter communication via text messages. This can be a great way to schedule meetings or receive updates, but it is also important to be cautious through all your communications. To see tips that will help you avoid certain predicaments or miscommunications, please click here

This is an opinion only, but when dealing in the professional world, it is always best to try to reach your contact by phone or in person. First, this builds a deeper connection between you and this person, you can see body language and hear the tone behind the words. This can prevent emotions that could damage relationships and reputations. Second, you learn and grow from an on-going dialogue. Text messages are usually to the point and abrupt. Having a vocal conversation allows you to ask questions and discuss your best options by weighing the pros and cons aloud. Last, this is the best way to walk in integrity within your business, company, or even other relationships, people trust those who communicate with them often and go above and beyond to explain all scenarios with them. This kind of communication will set you apart and make you dependable. 

If you are searching for that kind of relationship with your real estate agent, we can guarantee it right here in Northwest Arkansas. Please contact us today, because we believe in more than just closing the sale. 

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