Remembering Beverly: Real Estate Safety

Remembering Beverly: Real Estate Safety

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After the tragic news and loss of a remarkable real estate agent this past weekend, the entire nation is stunned. There are so many questions one could ask, and even if every answer was discovered, the outcome would still be the same. For many, eyes have been opened to the trusting nature we have in the south. Please don't misinterpret these words, this blog is not about an opinion on Beverly's situation, but moreso about the legacy I believe she wants to leave each and every agent. 

As I was reading her through her testimonies on her real estate page, I was in awe on how many lives she had touched by just going above and beyond to supply them with their wants and needs. If you're an agent, this is your main priority and everything else falls around this. So it can be very tempting to make exceptions to rules you have when it comes to certain clients, and the truth is, there should never be an exception to your personal safety. If at any point at any time, something or someone evokes a feeling of uneasiness, "trust your gut". Your instincts are there for a reason, and let them guide you. Also, put together a list of safety procedures you and your colleagues will follow in your business. Click here for some of those tips. This can be an extremely beneficial reference when you encounter those uneasy circumstances or potential clients. 

Beverly was a remarkable human being, wife, mother, grandmother, and real estate agent. She went above and beyond in each of these areas, and you don't have to have a relationship with her to see those beautiful qualities. Being in the real estate business, our eyes have been opened to her outstanding legacy and we wish to honor her as we take some of her practices to heart. Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with all those personally effected by this sad tragedy. Yet, we don't want her story to end there, and we hope to use the remarkable woman she was to inspire others in the business and aid them as they make choices regarding their clients and teams. We will never forget. 

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