Fun Facts About the Fourth

Fun Facts About the Fourth

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It is almost that time of year again, the time when millions of Americans will gather together to celebrate freedom. A freedom, that was not easily obtained and was far from free. The ultimate sacrifice was made by many soldiers so that we could have the privileges that we do today. 

How do you choose to spend the Fourth of July celebrating those freedoms? Do you have a big party at your house? Inviting friends and family to eat play games and shoot off fireworks. Or maybe you spend the day relaxing and enjoy the city fireworks as the sun goes down. No matter how you choose to spend such an important historical day, let us not forget why we are celebrating. 

Click here for some facts you probably never knew about the Fourth of July. For instance, we are apparently not even supposed to be celebrating on the fourth. These are some fun things that you might enjoy! 

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