Creating a Magnificent Playroom

Creating a Magnificent Playroom

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As you begin raising your family, you will spend your evenings cleaning up toys after you've placed your little ones to bed. You softly sigh as you reach for that random block under the couch, and in that brief moment, a lightbulb goes off in your brain. "Instead of all this clutter being shoved around my living room floor, what if I created a space just for all my child's things?" It's in that moment, you run to your spouse and begin brainstorming ideas for a playroom.

Designing a playroom to fit your organizational needs and your child's creativity and freedom of expression can be quite the chore. Yet don't discouraged, there are many tools and ideas all over the web. The first thing to tackle is your budget, what are you allowed to spend and from there, develop a list of the things you will need. Keep in mind that this is specific to your children and that some things that work for other kids, may not work for yours. If your budget is low, pick a space within your child's room to rearrange. You can still give the playroom affect without having to furnish an entire room. Second keep paint, decals, toys, and supplies at eye-level and within your child's reach. If you need extra storage, utilize a closet or place some shelving with totes out of your child's reach. Just keep in mind to keep their things accessible. Last, be creative that this is a space for your child and their messes, give them a chance to contribute if possible. This can be a memorable moment with your child as you pick out furniture, what's going on the walls, and what toys will be placed where. For more ideas and pictures on creating your playroom space, click here.

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