16 Ways to Get That Listing Sold

16 Ways to Get That Listing Sold

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Often times as a real estate agent and/or broker, you will encounter those listings that just seem to be standing still within the market. If you are growing antsy because it has been on the market for far too long, don't be discouraged, sometimes it just takes a new perspective and a refreshed action plan. 

In a recent article posted on inmannews, Stacie Staub gives sixteen things that you can do right now to maximize your listing's exposure. Keep in mind that developing an action plan and incorporating some of these small details can not only increase your listing's appeal, but also bring you to that closing date you have longed for. 

                          16 Things You Can Do Right Now to Maximize Your Listing's Exposure

          1. Bring someone in with a fresh eye.
          2. Add floor plans to the listing photos.
          3. Add neighborhood/lifestyle photos.
          4. If you need to hire a professional photographer, do it.
          5. Rewrite the property description.
          6. Use a service like to brand your photos.
          7. Change the main photo.
          8. List the property on Craigslist every three days.
          9. Decorate the exterior of the house for holidays.
          10. Write blog posts.
          11. Write an article about the house. 
          12. Hold open houses regularly.
          13. Create a lifestyle video.
          14. Start listing it as for sale/possible lease. 
          15. Readjust seller expectations.
          16. Take a fresh look at the comps and your pricing strategy.
For more in depth processes, click here to read the rest of Stacie's article. Remember, you've got this, sometimes we all just need a boost in confidence and a fresh perspective in priorities. Take a deep breath and begin your new action plan today!                       

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